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U-Pop Filter
U-Pop Filter
U-Pop Filter
U-Pop Filter
U-Pop Filter
U-Pop Filter
U-Pop Filter
U-Pop Filter

U-Pop Filter

U-Pop Filter

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Record the Most Lovely Voice

Easy Installation

Designed for stable and ultra-secure mounting. The adjustable clasp can fit on surfaces up to 1.75โ€. This microphone pop filter connects directly to the edge of the table or desk, microphone stand, and boom pole.

Clearer Sound

Popping sounds can be heightened if you have your mouth too close to the microphone when recording. The plosive sounds interact with the microphoneโ€™s first diaphragm, The gap in between then disperses any remaining air pressure, so by the time, it passes the second screen. the blast is easily contained. A mic pop shield or filter acts as a barrier between these sounds and the microphone, with the aim of eliminating them altogether in the final product.



Whats in the box

1 Pop Filter



Is this made of mostly plastic or metal?

Ixtech Microphone Pop filter mount and gooseneck are made of metal, the ring is made up of plastic.

Can I attach this pop filter to a boom arm?

Yes, it can work.

Would this pop filter improve the audio quality of microphone ?

Yes, This mic pop filter really helps it cancels out the extra noises..

Will this pop filter for mic mount to a typical mic stand?

Yes it would work.

How much does this pop filter for mic weight?

It weights around 0.41 lbs.

What are the dimensions?

21 x 6 x 0.7 inches